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What are the odds card game review

There is the real what are the odds game and then there is the what are the odds card game.
It`s based on the real game and is mainly just a simple card game with dares on small cards.

  1. Introduction
  2. What are the odds card game rules
  3. Comparison Family Edition vs Party Edition
  4. Review and verdict

reading time: 3 minutes

What are the odds card game – intro

The what are the odds card game is mostly based on the real game. Instead of inventing good and spontaneous dares you have given dares on cards. The rules are very similar just a bit adapted because of the cards.

It is recommended to play with 2 to 20 people. The best number to play with is about 6 to 8 in our opinion. So everyone gets their turn and it’s manageable.

The box it comes in is very small, don’t expect a big box. It’s mainly just a regular box for a pack of cards.

What Are The Odds is a hilarious party game for those of us that are wild in nature, always a good time!
The Chuggernauts

What are the odds card game rules

Rules are very easy:

  1. starting person draws a card and reads the dare
  2. choose a Player of the opposite Team to challenge
  3. choose the odds fo doing the dare (between 1/2 and 1/10)
  4. a third player counts down from 3. On 0 both players say their number inbetween the chosen odds. If they say the same number, the dared player has to do the dare and the darer collects the card. If they say different numbers, the dared player has to use the same card to challenge a new player but with lower odds.
  5. when someone collects a card a new round starts
  6. Team that collects a predefined number of cards (for example 5) wins the game.

There are some additional and team options as well. Here are the official card game rules.

Family Edition vs Adult Edition: comparison and example questions

The table shows some questions of the what are the odds card game and the differences between the editions.


Family Edition Adult Party Edition
examples (what are the odds…) – that you’ll sing a song out loud with head phones on for 30 seconds
– that you’ll dance with no music for 30 seconds
– that you’ll spin an imaginary hula hoop around your waist for 3 minutes while the game continues
– that you will take 3 sips of a salty cup of water
– that you’ll make a fish face and dance like a fish for the group for 30 seconds
– that you’ll let me draw a mustache on your face
– that you’ll blow a raspberry on player’s belly for 3 seconds
– that you’ll give yourself a neck hickey using a vacuum
– that you’ll freestyle rap for 1 full minute
for age 10+ 17+
price 15$ 10$


What are the odds card game review

As huge fans of the real game we tested both card games and played them.

Spoiler: It’s not even close as fun as the real game.

First of all, to play the family edition with adults is just pointless. But if you play it with kids from around 8 to 14 it can be fun. For the kids at least. The dares are made for kids and young teenagers. So everyone can do it and they are very easy and not that hard. Also no one is too embarrassed to do any of them. Some cards are just plain weird.

The kids we played with had fun. Surely not all questions are funny, but some are quite good. If you have played the card game two nights you nearly know already all of the dares as there are not that many. That’s a bit disappointing because the replay factor is not very high if you do the same dares over and over. But of course you have the option to make your own dares and add them to the game, which we highly recommend doing.

Verdict: 3 out of 5

The so called Adult Edition unfortunately is also more for normal teenagers in our opinion. Some dares are funny, some are weird and some are just awkward. As young adults we didn’t really enjoy the game. Compared to the real game which we play a lot this was very disappointing. Even if you add the “drinking factor” this will not be much fun. Trust me we tried. It takes long to play/drink and the not funny at all dares inbetween are disturbing the game flow. So it gets funny at some points, but is just mediocre most of the time. We got bored very fast.

Verdict: 2 out of 5

What are the odds Card Game conclusion

We hope this little overview and review of the what are the odds card game helps you with your decision.

We highly recommend to play the real game. Otherwise it is very easy to make a what are the odds do it yourself game with your own questions. This is way more fun!

Want 150+ more what are the odds questions?

No problem! I have a list with over 150 what are the odds questions. Just send me an e-mail to with 10 of your favorite what are the odds questions that are not on this page already. I will thank you and send the list with the questions to you directly!


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